Six Benefits of Studying Abroad

Leah Cook Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a possibility that many students look forward to when coming to college. Students at Auburn have immense opportunities to travel out of the country in order to pursue their education.

Leah Cook, a senior in the College of Human Sciences, spent last semester in Italy allowing her to gain a minor in international hospitality.

“My trip to Italy was one of the best experiences of my life,” Cook said. “I learned so much about the Italian culture while making friends from Auburn I had never met.”

Learning a new culture and studying in a foreign country is just a couple of the reasons why studying abroad is beneficial. Here are six reasons why students should study abroad.

  1. Education- By studying abroad, you have the opportunity to possibly view your major in a different light. Because each country approaches education in a different way, it is important to keep in mind that it is important to be open to different customs in order to be immersed in the culture.
  2. Learning a new language- Being in a foreign country for an extended amount of time forces you to learn how to communicate with the native people. Whether your classes are taught in English or another language, immersing yourself in their language is the best way to learn.
  3. New friends- A benefit people who study abroad come back being the most grateful for is making new friends. Studying abroad allows you to make connections with people of all different backgrounds. Many friendships made during studying abroad last far longer than the trip.
  4. Taking in a new culture- When studying in a new country, you will learn that you might be out of your comfort zone. You will encounter new foods, customs and traditions.  Not only will you gain a multi-national perspective, you could even learn new things about your own country and culture.
  5. Resume builder- Studying abroad says a lot about a person’s character and looks great on paper. Employers love knowing that you were able to be in a foreign environment and adjust to the culture while studying or working. The perspectives you gain while studying abroad are a guarantee to make you look appealing.
  6. Life experience- For most students, studying abroad might be the only time they are able to live abroad. Students who choose to study abroad will make experiences to last a lifetime and might even learn more about themselves

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