Beat Bama Food Drive in Annual Competition

Since 1994, the Beat Bama Food Drive and the Food Bank of East Alabama have competed with the University of Alabama and the Food Bank of West Alabama to see who can collect the most non-perishable food for those in need.
The competition has made an impact beyond the campuses by uniting students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.
In the last 23 years, 5.5 million pounds of food have been collected to feed families around the state.
Nearly one in five Alabama residents, or 18.6 percent of the state, are considered food insecure.
The Food Bank of East Alabama serves seven counties in east central Alabama. The average food insecurity rate in this area is approximately 70,210 people with 20,080 of those being children.
The food drive’s committee ranges from freshmen to seniors at Auburn and includes different branches of leadership in order to serve all members.
Hallie Young, the director of logistics of the Beat Bama Food Drive, said her experience has allowed her to become closer with the Auburn community as well as fellow Auburn students.
“Being a part of this organization has been one of the highlights of my time in college,” Young said. “I have been able to make new friends while helping the Auburn community and feeling like I made an impact.”
Being a member of the food drive’s committee means setting a personal goal of money you will raise on your own.
This year Young had a goal to raise $250 but ended up raising over $1,000.
“Thanks to the help of friends and family, I was able to easily reach my goal,” Young said. “We take personal fundraising goals very seriously and encourage all members to reach their goal.”
Last year, Auburn claimed bragging rights for winning the food drive by collecting over 245,722 pounds.
This year’s drive will conclude on Nov. 15, and a winner will be announced during the Iron Bowl on Nov. 25.
“Winning again this year would be great, but if we don’t its still nice to know that we did will help a lot of people,” Young said. “The food drive is a humbling experience that allows students to give directly back to a community that does so much for us.”
Non-perishable food items may be donated at any of the collection barrels on campus or throughout the Auburn community. Monetary donations can be given at the Beat Bama Food Drive website.

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