Auburn Student Combines Passions to Work for Teach for America

Branham Crutchfield - Auburn Teach for America AdvocateIf you are involved anywhere on campus, chances are you know Auburn student Branham Crutchfield. And chances are she knows you too. Branham is a champion of Teach for America.

If you have spent any time with her at all, you know that she is a natural leader who leads with grace. Being the oldest of four girls, Crutchfield was forced to become a leader and has held that role her entire life.

One place where she is often found being the leader is the classroom.

“My desire to be in the classroom was established my junior year of high school, when it became apparent to me that not every student received the same kind of educational opportunities as I did growing up,” Crutchfield said.

Studying elementary education with a minor in nonprofit studies, Crutchfield has dreamed to teach at an inner-city elementary school and encourage students each day through their education.

“I hope to encourage and make an impact on young minds by being remembered as a teacher who engaged and empowered each of her students through their education, rather than simply being remembered for a lesson I stood in front of the room and taught,” Crutchfield said.

With her distinct interest in teaching at a low-income school, Crutchfield became interested in Teach for America, a non-profit program that places teachers in schools of need. By working for this program she will be able to pursue her passion of teaching as well as fulfill her desire to serve to children who might not have the same opportunities she had growing up.

Teach for America is not a new thing for Auburn students to pursue after graduation. Crutchfield has several close friends who have chosen to join after graduating and recommended it.

“After talking with friends who have worked for them in the past, I knew that it was the best decision for me to do while I still have the chance,” said Crutchfield.

After graduation, Crutchfield will be working her dream job as she begins working for Teach for America as a teacher at an inner-city school in Nashville. She was so adamant about working for them, she even applied her junior year because she knew that was what she wanted to do.

“I’m really looking forward to moving to Nashville and teaching at an inner-city school,” Crutchfield said. “I feel confident after my time at Auburn that I am ready to make an impact in the classroom.”

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